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Goodchild Cu-Ni-PGM

The Goodchild property covers a very large airborne magnetic anomaly measuring approximately 5km by 8km and represents the Goodchild ultramafic intrusion. A geophysical airborne survey flown in the late 1980’s showed multiple coincidental electro-magnetic anomalies throughout the centre and along the margins of the intrusion. Early limited prospecting by Benton  yielded values as high as 12.6% Ni, 2.4% Cu, 0.3% Co and  2 g/t PGE’s in select grab samples.

Benton completed a 957 line km airborne VTEM survey, linecutting, geological mapping, prospecting and ground geophysics to help prioritize diamond drill targets. Diamond drilling of priority targets was completed in October of 2008. This first phase of drilling identified several areas of anomalous Nickel and Copper and a second phase drill program was completed in the spring of 2009. To date drilling has confirmed that the property has consistent anomalous zones of mineralization but additional targets need to be tested to take the property further.

Recent visual and microscopic analysis of Benton's Goodchild drill core has identified abundance of the mineral Awaruite.  Awaruite is a naturally occurring stainless steel nickel-iron alloy and is the current focus of attention at the Decar property in British Columbia by partners Cliffs Natural Resources Canada Inc (an affiliate of Cliff Natural Resources Inc.) and First Point Minerals Inc.  Benton has received results from 7 core samples that represent 45m  of serpentinized ultramafic material sampled from historical drill hole GC08-08.  The samples, sent to Activation Laboratories Ltd in Thunder Bay, Ontario, were analyzed using fusion x-ray fluorescence (XRF) followed by Davis tube magnetic separation.  The XRF returned assays ranging from 0.291 to 0.314% NiO (nickel oxide) and the subsequent magnetic concentrates recovered by the Davis tube method returned nickel grades of 0.303 to 1.48% NiO equating to 0.035 to 0.105% recoverable nickel. As a comparison First Point Minerals released (see NR April 16, 2012) an inferred mineral resource for the Baptiste deposit at the Decar property of 1.197 billion tonnes with a Davis tube recoverable nickel grade of 0.113% Ni using a 0.06% Ni cut-off.  The Company is planning further testing to see if nickel recoveries are similar or better in other portions of the serpentinized ultramafic body.



Goodchild VTEM